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~terriblekiss was originally created on GreatestJournal in early 2006. It's always been, and always will be, a one maker community with requests, freebies, and surprises. ★ examples & PR info ONE: Credit is a MUST! You must have it to be accepted and you must always credit me. Just <lj user="terriblekiss" /> in your icon comments will do. TWO: You've gotta join at the top of the info. Once you're accepted, be sure to add the community so you can see updates. THREE: I will not be taking requests every day. I'll update when I can, so don't have a fit if I don't post icons for you every day. This stuff can take some time. FOUR: DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING I MAKE! EVER! If I made something for you and you do not like it, ask me to remake it for you. If I made someone something you like, ask me if I'd make you one. Retagging and/or butchering my work is unnecessary and rude. AFFLIATES: ~ashleys ★ ~cramp ★ ~frostiing ★ ~glossied ★ ~melonbursts ★ ~stolenkissies ★ ~terrific codes from ~snubbly, header by ~omgzitsbatmanda